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Windows vs Linux Hosting

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Windows or Linux hosting?

When it comes choosing what type of hosting to purchase for your potential website, it usually comes down to two operating systems: Windows and Linux. There have been various misconceptions that have misled a lot of customers into purchasing the total opposite of what they really need.

First of all, one must consider what kind of website they will be running. If they are going to run a website with Microsoft Access Database or a Microsoft SQL Database, then Windows Hosting would be your definite answer. Whereas, if you are looking to run PHP, Perl, PostGre, MySQL, or PostgreSQL databases, then you would be better off with Linux Hosting. In terms of software compatibility, Linux Hosting covers a wider range of databases and web-based applications such as CMS. However, that doesn’t mean that a Linux Host would be better than a Windows Host, you just have to determine what kind of website you will be running and which one goes with what kind of hosting.

Another key feature of Linux Hosting is that it is open-sourced, meaning that it’s source code is available for the public to customize, modify and redistribute.  This makes Linux Hosting relatively cheaper than Windows Hosting. Another reason that Windows Hosting is more costly than Linux Hosting is because Windows Hosting is only compatible with Windows-based applications and these applications are usually pricy products with many functions. Basically, you would purchase Windows Hosting only if the website you are running requires Windows-based applications and technologies.

A massive misconception is that Windows Hosting servers are more prone to attacks than Linux Hosting servers. The truth is, both are equally vulnerable to attacks. It is the administrator that really makes the difference in security. With an efficient and skillful administrator, a website will be less prone to attacks. The same can be said about performace, stability, and processing. Both have flaws and are possible to crash. It mainly depends on the expertise of the administrator to keep the website running efficiently 24/7.

While both kinds of hosting have their equal amount  of flaws in security, compatibility, performance, stability, and processing, it comes down to the skill and prowess of the administrator. However, here at Synchrosys Consultings & Softwares, we promise our customers a 99.99% efficiency on our servers, whether it be Windows or Linux. Come check our hosts out at the Web Hosting section of our website for the best deals you will ever find.


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