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All about Web Hosting Features

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A web host is a service that arranges for space on their servers for your website. Without web hosts your website wouldn’t be “present” on the internet. Think of your website as a house and the web host as the land you build it on. Because of the powerful and quick-fire servers that web hosts use, your website is guaranteed 24/7 run time and maximum security against web threats. Other than that web host packages are now jam packed with lots of handy features.

Some of those features include:

Unlimited Disk Space

This refers to the amount of content that can be embedded or put into the web host server that is hosting your website. Some of the content might include: text, graphics, videos, music, scripts, web applications, etc…

Unlimited Data Transfer 

The traffic generated by your website can sometimes cause a website to collapse or go offline. However, web hosts offer unlimited traffic on their servers, which is ideal for websites that attract large amounts of visitors.

Unlimited Email Accounts

You are entitled to an unlimited of emails and an unlimited amount of emails in the inbox. These emails usually refer to the ones with the same address as the website. E.g. website name: www.exampleweb.com. Email: joe@exampleweb.com

Unlimited Database

This web host offers an unlimited amount of databases on its server for each website.

Free Ad Credit

This usually comes as a supplementary to the initial web host package. The ad credit will usually be associated with a major search engine. It allows you to place ads on the search engine for free.


Various Scripts & Site-builders: These usually come in business & commerce related packages. Some include a shopping cart system, credit card payment system, shop functionalities, etc… Site-builders on the other hand enable the website owners to build and manage their website by themselves using a specialized interface.

Dedicated IP: This is a feature that allocates a specific and unique IP address for your website instead of the usual one shared with people on the same server.


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