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Dedicated Servers: Why's and What's unveiled

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A dedicated server, in ordinary language refers to a computer ‘dedicated’ for your website to occupy the space entirely.  A more informative and profound definition would be the act of renting off an entire unit of computer server in which a website is hosted on without being shared by other webs.   Also, along with ‘leasing’ a dedicated server comes the ability to choose the software that you would like your website to be managed on as well as the actual hardware. 

Furthermore, a little technical information; these dedicated servers are located at places called ‘data centers’ where a constant amount of power is supplies to prevent the server from being ‘down’. Also, at data centers nowadays have a load balancing system where they would have a spare set of computers that can replace each other to ensure 99.9% up time. Recall that from different marketing schemes providers present you with?  I hope it rings a bill so now you know why they can guarantee it!


The first and top most reason agreed amongst most providers is because you can have your own, unshared, control of your website managing and operations. After all, why should you share and risk your website at the stake of other people’s hands.

Secondly, since the online world complements and brings about a lot of commerce growth in that it is possible to grow big in one night; especially nowadays where the competition frontier is on the world wide web.  It is to everyone’s understanding that internet access is if not common then spreading like an ‘airborne’ disease. So, it is important that you have a sufficient amount of space and bandwidth.

Why’d do u need the space? Well first of all, to get good rankings and turn those hits into profits, you need to be seen in the top spots in most major search engines. As a result, most search engine’s algorithm likes websites that are information-heavy and regularly growing in size. Thus to meet the enlargement, you would need more space to host your site.

Furthermore, with a bigger site, you would assume that you have a fair amount of traffic. Therefore, to have a good maintained cliental base, you would have to be distinguished in all aspects. Thus, one aspect most webmasters look over is the ease in entering the website. In other words, if you have high traffic but your hosting provider can handle it, then clients have a hard time entering your site to do their transactions.

Also, statistically speaking, a lot of web viewers simply discard considering website just because they are slow. It is simply like supermarkets in southeast asia.  You’d ask how? Well, they are suppose, 15 cashier counters. However, people decide to open 7. As a result there is a long line of people tangling around.  That’s not good, it causes frustration and so the next time, they would just go to a more organized mall. Touching back, we can apply and correctly assume the significance of ease in viewing and undergoing transactions.

So, please read carefully and choose according to your needs since there is one major drawbacks that business owners alike despise. That is it costs more and that it is quite a sum amount. However, you can decide any which way but keep in mind if it is worth your pennies, at the same time, if you need it, than take it.

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