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The Next Big Thing: CMS or HTML is the same as Hybrid vs Stone Age?

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A CMS can significantly reduce some problems that many organizations face with their websites. For one a CMS usually comes with a variety of decent design templates. This virtually relieves design costs. Not only are they easy on the pocket but you can change them anytime you like without a hassle.

Another problem that CMS fixes is updating. With CMS, one can access the control panel of the website from anywhere in the world and apply the changes. Back when there was no CMS, one had to phone up the webmaster and tell him how and what you wanted your website to look like. With CMS you are completely in the driving seat of your website’s content.

Today, the normal businessman doesn’t have time to learn about HTML codes and various additions to it such as PHP or Javascript. These additions make the already complicated HTML codes more complex. Altering the content or even itsy bitsy details would require the expertise of a web programmer.  With a purely code-based website, it is comparable to being handcuffed with the web programmer.

CMS is intended to make the relationship between website owners and their website easier, efficient, and flexible without any knowledge in codes of any sort. With CMS users are able to alter website content from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection.  Gone are the days of hiring, calling, or begging a web programmer to change any component on your very own website. 

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