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Why Get Certified With Us?

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In the World Wide Web, there is always a risk in surfing through each website. You never know whether the websites that enter on your screen are safe or not.  Also, statistically, a large percentage of web surfers leave websites that ask for personal information simply because they feel insecure. Thus, the best ways to ensure customers aren’t shunned away because of distrust, SSL certificates were made to insure safe surfing and scam-free web browsing.

What is SSL Certificate? [click] Follow the link and you’ll be bombarded with thorough information!

What the Certificates Symbloizes…

Pretty much it assures that websites who carry the seal, that is have a valid certificate can be checked for credibility that the certificate was:


  • Ensured for your website
  • The validity of the certificate
  • The owners physical whereabouts and information


Why Do You Need One?

Other than what you might have read from the above link; encrypting data processed between client and server, it also entrusts frequent users who make online purchases on your website. It makes a great big difference that could not be stressed more than this that having the certificate ensures that transactions on your site are discrete and fraudulent-free. 

What We Offer? ‘You Thawte of that didn’t you?’

We offer certificates from one of the world’s most reliable companies called Thawte. Being one of the first to offer protection and trustful transactions, Thawte has been well-established on the podium on the global stage. So rest assured that all encrypted transactions of all kinds are safe and in good hands!

Finally the Question you’ve been waiting for…

Why purchase it from us?

Affiliation with the world’s best! Our business relation as partners has permitted us to offer clients with the best in the industry. Thawte, being sister-company to Verisign, the world’s first to certify digitally, ensures that your site is secured by the best in the industry. With the thawte seal furnished on your website, rest assured your client won’t go elsewhere.

Choosing the best! We have a variety of certificates designed to meet a vast spectrum of demands. Whether your operation is an SME or a large business, you can find the most optimum from our selections.

What Happens If You Don’t Buy? 

Like previously stated, we there is now better way to stress this other than to give proof to our reason mathematically – definite and cannot be rebutted too. Statistically, a large percent of web browsers leave non-secured websites when they are asked to give their personal information through different transactions and processes. So, is it really worth the cost of not getting one? We strongly recommend you do purchase one because shunning customers away because of distrust has a high probability of costing you more than purchasing a certificate. 

That said, the Thawte seal is very visible and proves as a real-time assurer that allows your clients to trust that any personal data logged in or transacted is encrypted and private.

“A few dollars of investment from your end

can save you a fortune and help you run a risk free business."

For further details on various certificates and prices, please feel free to refer to the following link: Various Certifactes

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