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All you need to know about SEO

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An informative article regarding one of our premium services, SEO

According to a recent study over 55% of all Internet purchases begin with a web search. But 93% of the consumers do not look past the first two pages of their search results!

So, if you are not listed in the first two pages, then you may as well not be there at all. Would you like to have your site listed on the first page? We guarantee our web promotion service can bring more traffic to your site - highly qualified, targeted traffic that would generates and Increases your sales month after month.

We guarantee web promotion concrete results of "Top Ten/Twenty Ranking. The most important thing you can do to increase your traffic is to increase your search engine ranking. Your position on the first two pages of a search engine is absolutely significant to your success.

However, there are many ways to carry out SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  Below, we describe one of the most effective and penetrating ways to really capture the online market, SEO.

SEO is designed for anyone that wants his or her good/service to be noticed when searched for in a search engine. As more and more people are accustomed to using the Internet rather than the good old phone book, it is where people search to fulfill their desires. In other words, a product or service your business is offering.

SEO is a technique used to move your website up the pecking order of other websites up the ladder to become one of the top websites on a searched topic. These so called topics are called keywords. Keywords play a vital part in optimizing your website as your website should match the keyword that’s being searched. For example, if your website sold automobile parts but you only optimized it under the keyword “automobile”. Your potential customer or Internet user would have no use visiting your website as he/she is looking for automobile, not automobile parts.  Choosing the right keyword can really boost the rankings of your website on a particular search engine.

But how does it work? Does the search engine have a specific way to index websites? First, the search engine indexes each page of a website into its database. To do this they use specialized software called spiders, crawlers, or robots which copies each link of the website and downloads each one to be analyzed. These pages are then analyzed before being added to the database.

How these search engines index websites and how they rank websites remain a close kept secret to them. Only selected information about these search engines are provided to work with.  However that hasn’t prevented lots from creating various theories and methods to elevate the rankings on each search engine. Some simple and easy methods that can make a huge difference include simply altering some of the website content.However other alterations such as changing the code of websites to complement the indexing software require the services of professionals in the SEO field.

SEO is basically a new technique designed to improve your website’s traffic and improve its relevancy to each keyword. It is also an extremely effective marketing method that can really propel your business to success. SEO is simply optimizing (altering) your website to fit each search engine’s criteria of indexing. It requires the work of an experienced and skillful expert to achieve maximum results.

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