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The World: A Big Social Network that started from Emails

Whether it is to your boss, your buddies, or a distant relative, email is surely dominating our communication world today. It doesn’t need to wait for the receiver to free up their line, it hardly costs anything long distant or domestically, it requires hardly any physical labor at all and all you need is a computer with an internet connection. For various reasons, people have taken up email and the internet as a main means of communicating.
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Emails: The world's most efficient means of Communication

Emailing has become a reliable way of communication due to many reasons. Why? Well for one, it delivers the mail instantly as you click the send button. Not only does it deliver the mail instantly, but it never gets “lost” nor does it require any physical effort of any kind. As reported by Pew Internet and American Life Project data, over 90% of internet users in the United States go online to send and receive email. This demonstrates the popularity of email messaging over other methods of communication. ...
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