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Emails: The world's most efficient means of Communication

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Today, there’s vast variety of email hosts to choose from. Some of the mainstream email hosts include: Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. However if you break it down, people use these mainstream email hosts for personal use because most of the time, they cost nothing. However there is a catch to free email, believe it or not. For one, it’s always “joe@emailhost.com “, not the more attractive and professional “joe@joescompany.com”. The misconception about personalizing your email hosting is that they are pricy, they are complicated, the interface is difficult to use, the server isn’t as stable etc…  The truth is, with the amount of development nowadays, email hosting is cheaper, some of them are even easier to use than the mainstream hosts, and the server runs pretty smooth.

Having your own email hosting is ideal for SMEs, large companies, and organizations. For one, the only traffic in the server will be those people that share the same email host as you (which in this case might be people in your respective companies or organizations). With less traffic there are lesser chances of the server clogging up. Secondly, having your own email host places a sense of professionalism on your email.  With the amount of spam coming from free email hosts these days, people online get uncomfortable with unknown emails, especially ones from free email hosts. It places a comfort on behalf of the receiver if you are registered to your own email host that it will not waste their time. 

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