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Catchy Appropriate Domain Names

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Getting started? Well you have come to the right place, whether to seek information or actually purchase one/ many domain names, your set.  Here we offer bespoke after service and various other supplement business solutions to your desires.   

The significance in choosing an appropriate domain name is vital to the websites effectiveness in actually helping your business.  The reason behind that is simply the majority of web browsers habitual ways in searching for what they want.  For example, if someone were to purchase a notebook pc, they would usually have a few brands in mind. Therefore, the likeliness for them to search for a website whose URL is notebook.com is lesser than searching for hp.com or dell.com.  Being one of the many variables that contribute to effective domain name choosing, in the following paragraphs, we will explore in a more in depth manner.

First of all, the main contributing factors can all be reproduced to one conclusion, that is, human behavior in surfing the web. So, in order to be complementary to such, URL should be set so that the title is quite catchy.  The reason behind this particular factor is that since the World Wide Web incorporates vast amount of domain names, the likeliness of misspelling will lead to another website that is not yours. Therefore, it is important that your domain name is not too long, is easy to remember/spell, and is catchy.

Another thing to have in mind regarding picking your official domain name is whether you have your corporation’s brand name nettled in the market or not.  For instance, if your company has been in operations for many years and has planked its name in the world market, then people will know your products by your brand name.  As a result, people would refer to your products by the brand name and will allow for further longevity of the product lifespan.

Further on, another factor would be the TLD that you would choose. Choosing the TLD can say a lot about the business, for example; .co.uk would resemble business operation on a local basis in the United Kingdom.  So, applying to a real-life example, people in the United States wanting to order Chinese Food for dinner would not search the URL chinesefood.co.au.  Instead, they would look for chinesefood.us. As a result, choosing an inappropriate TLD would potentially shun away traffic to your website to others with more appropriate TLD’s

The term TLD is an acronym derived from the phrase Top Level Domain.  For those interested, here is a little extra from SYNsCON on TLD’s; TLD’s are the highest level of domain and that every domain name always ends in any form of TLD’s.  During the growth of the Internet and its applications in eCommerce, as of June 2009, we find that there are 20 generic top-level domains and 240+ country code TLD’s. Some of which include .biz, .com, .org, .net, .info, and much more. All of which you can buy right here at SYNsCON.  At SYNsCON, there is more than 50+ TLD’s available for you to register with many different seasonal and periodic promotions throughout the year located right on the price list.

Next, is deciding how long your URL domain name would be.  Domain names can be anywhere up to 67 characters at the most, however many clients are faced with the controversy of whether how much they should have.  Many solution providers are faced with questions like: What is the ideal amount?  Honestly, articles that can tell you exactly how much are scams because in reality, there is no one amount that is the best.  However, being a solution provider, SYNsCON has found a way, a compromise actually between two controversial extremes; long vs. short domain names.

Some argue that short domain names are usually easier to remember because of the minimal make up of the characters.  For example, sis.com is argued to be easier to remember than superintendedserver.com.  On the contrary, there are also those who argue that longer domain names are easier on the human brain, particularly the hippocampus; memory.  Our solution, or advice so-to-say, is that if you can get a short name that has ‘weight’, meaning, than you should go for it because long ones would be time consuming to type, especially ones pushing the 67 benchmark.  Other than that, it is totally up to how you see fit.

Lastly, after reading all the paragraphs, what better way to end it other than presenting the vital information and to reiterate all significant facts? Well, there is NO other way better! Therefore, in the process of picking out a domain name, you should have in mind that some domain names that are in your interest could’ve been bought already. You can either find a new one or try to contact the owner through Whois, and try to buy it off them. However, going ahead and contacting the owner to buy it off of them would mean that you are ready to pay extra money in comparison to buying a new, not-taken domain name. Furthermore, the main principle is to put yourself in the shoes of an ordinary person looking search for your product.  Also, the easiest and most user-friendly ways usually yield a more successful traffic to your website.  Although, there are other ways in which traffic can be increased, the above pointers are vital too.

Still unsure? Well, be at rest, because you are in good hands.  SYNsCON can provide you with all online business solutions all the way from domain registration to web and email hosting. Think of us as your helper and a place to find information and services that can further better your business in the growing cyber world.


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