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Important Features of PHP5 version on SYNsCON Linux Web Hosting Servers

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PHP4 has been configured as an Apache module on SYNsCON Linux Hosting Servers whereas PHP5 has been configured as a CGI. This was a requirement for supporting both versions of PHP on the Servers and allow users to conveniently upgrade their PHP pages to support the newer version.Configuring PHP as a CGI in a shared hosting environment brings more security, flexibility and less restrictions. It is also easier to track it's usage and control the resources used by it since CGI scripts run under the website owner's account and not under the global Web Server account.Note that the following important features are supported in the CGI version of PHP5 and are not available in the PHP4 Apache module version:

  1. PHP scripts execute using the permissions of any of the website's FTP users instead of the user "nobody".
  2. World writable folders (chmod 777) are not required for file uploads through PHP.
  3. PHP scripts need a minimum of 700 permissions to execute. Permission 750 or 770 is recommended. The permissions for all non-executable files such as html, text and images needs to be 774 or 754.
  4. If the folder that contains a PHP file/script is world writable (chmod 777), it will result in an Internal Server Error. The normal folder permissions can be 771 or 751.
  5. php_flag or php_value can NOT be used in .htaccess files. This will result in an Internal Server Error.
  6. The PHP flags that do not work in .htaccess can be moved to php.ini file in the same folder where the PHP script exists. However, the php flag/value will be in the format of php.ini and not that of .htaccess. For example, the following content from .htaccess file
php_flag register_globals off will go the into php.ini file as register_globals = off   
  7. Apache specific PHP functions do not work under PHP5.
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